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Is a leading manufactur with passion, original designs and attention to details

Wilst never compromising on perfection. A silent pioneer that was there as from the beginning of paramotor flying.

« He designed and produced the Falco and Birdy, worthy to be produced in great numbers… »

Built by the hands of a passionate man you will experience privileged moments in the sky.. Fly with your own flying machine and feel the sense of freedom of a pilot.

Behind the ALS paramotor is a man with a great creativity. Denis uses his engineering knowledge to create the designs and builds every paramotor by hius own hands to a perfectly finished result.

It is through the material that spirit ALS is reflected… Denis lets talk about his imagination for design and his hands for formatting.

Denis uses only the best quality stainless steel of 14 or 16mm to produce every Falco Ino.

  • Stainless steel (inox), Carbon, Cordura, Nylon… These products will become your future paramotor.
  • Drawing, Cutting, welding, bending, assembling… Denis passion ranges from product design to manufacturing

Shaping materials, like an artist shaping a new work of art. Transforming paper sketches to 3D models. Technology is an indispensable part of the realisation of new products.

The most important is the simplicity leading to the ease of use. Denis opts for simple but effective when it comes to mechanical choices. This is why ALS paramotors are so effective.

Designs and efficiency, ALS paramotors are particularly conceived… And thoughtful… Denis is focused on the pilot, his needs, limitations, weaknesses and expectations.

For Denis the machine must adapt to the pilot, whether beginner or competitor…

« We have the perfect paramotor for every pilot… »

… From raw materials to flight testing, the assembly of your machine is realized in the ALS workshop at Maubeuge.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself… ” The key of heaven in your pocket “, ready to go flying over the country, with your friends, without limits, with a superb French product… What happiness! … That is why we choose ALS!



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45, route de Maubeuge

  • +33 (0)3 27 62 24 61